Wheat Pudding Recipes

Wheat pudding Receipes

Wheat is workable grain available all over the world and is in even higher demand in recent years cause its numerous health benefits. Over the years, wheat has shown itself to be one of the most successful and sustainable grains crops in the world. It originated in southwestern Asia, but today it is grown in unnumbered countries. generally , wheat agriculture is done at higher latitudes and is primarily used for baking bread products.Foods like bread, pasta, crackers, bagels, cakes, and muffins are just a few normal examples of wheat sources. Wheat is trust to be one of the most wholesome food items, and it ensures a diet rich in nutrients.already prove that wheat is extremely beneficial for healthy living also regulates blood glucose levels in diabetic patients.

we will introduce healthy recipe of wheat pudding and easy to make homemade it is very useful for you and especially diabetes.






1.First of all roasted the wheat till become a brownish color.

2.After put the grind and wait will come the flour till

3.Then take the wheat flour and add water as per your need also add sugar and coconut.

4.Finally put the idle plate boiling and wait 15 minutes and then serve the wheat pudding.


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