Weight Increase Process using of Vegetables


It’s a common thinking that vegetarian diet can’t help in weight gain. Vegetables provide right amount of protein can help in gain weight. It Include nuts, seeds, legumes in your diet Process. Daily Eat foods with additional calories in your diet to see change within a month.

Vegetarian diet Process or vegetables in general are consideration not to supply to gain weight as they have small amount of calories when compared to proteins such as chicken, beef or pork. If a vegetarian include the right kind of vegetables in his diet, he can surely go a long way in gaining weight and also maintaining a fit and healthy body. Seeds, legumes and different types of cereals are also rich in protein. Therefore, keep in mind to include them in your diet.

When it comes to iron, you could always include breakfast cereal and fertile and green vegetables such as spinach, cabbage, broccoli and collards. You can also eat baked potatoes with their skin on to boost the iron content in your body.

A breakfast diet could include a highly nutritious sandwich with 3 or 4 bread slices combined with lettuce, tomato and onion. Spinach and mushroom could add flavour and taste to the dish. Complement it with a glass of milk.

A lunch could be almost anything from rice to pasta to wheat in the form of roti supplement with vitamin and mineral rich vegetables such as carrots, beans and green vegetables.

Include two or three helpings of snacks in between the meals. You could chomp on an variety of nuts in these snacks.

For dinner, include the same amount of rice/wheat roti as lunch along with with green vegetables. If you want to add flavour to your food, do add a bowlful of curd to your dinner or drink a glass of fresh fruit juice.

Root vegetables similar to beetroot and potato have been proved to be rich in carbohydrates.



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