Top 5 Amazing Foods for Eyes


Lots of people suffer from poor eyesight. They have warped vision as well as difficulty in seeing objects which are near or which are at a distance. It has been seen that with age, eyes and their problems are often resolved. Many kids develop eye problems from a tiny age. It is necessary that we take proper care of our eyes. They need to be kept healthy and in that account, the importance of proper diet cannot be undermined. Our eyes need vitamins A, C as well as omega 3 fatty acids and bio flavonoids, carotenoids, mineral, fatty acids and anti oxidants to stay well and healthy.

1. Carrot

Carrot is especially useful for the eyes.


•    It is known to contain beta carotene which acts as a precursor to vitamin A.
•    Night blindness is prevented.
•    Healthy and clear cornea is maintained.
•    The cells in the eyes are protected also by the lutien compound found in carrots.
•    Carrot are rich in potassium and fiber.
One can use carrots to snack or they can use it in the preparation of different food items.

2. Salmon

It is seen that salmon fish has wondrous benefits for the eye as well.


•    There are helpful nutrients in salmon which can protect the retina from damage and prevent blindness
•    Omega-3 fatty acids help to preserve the essential moisture content of the eyes
•    The macular degeneration that occurs is protected against by the omega-3 fatty acids
It is recommended that one has two servings of salmon at least twice a week. Salmon can be consumed in different forms but should be baked, grilled or poached to retain its nutritional benefits. The other cold water fishes that have similar benefits for the eyes:
•    Herring
•    Mackerel
•    Sardines
•    Tuna

3. Peppers

It is known that peppers in different colours are good for the overall health of the eyes.


•    the peppers are rich sources of vitamins A and C
•    Vitamin A helps to preserve eyesight
•    Vitamin C protects the eyes against cataracts
•    Peppers are rich in vitamin B6 as well as in beta carotene, lycopene, lutein, zeaxanthin
•    These nutrients ensure that the overall health of the eyes are maintained
One can have peppers in different forms. One usually consumes them steamed, baked, stir fired or eve in raw form in salads.

4. Walnuts

Walnuts play an important role in maintaining the good health of the eyes.


•    These nuts contain good amount of fatty acids of omega-3 variety
•    There are zinc and vitamin  nutrients in them as well as different anti oxidants
•    Inflammations in the eye is prevented by such nutrients
It is known that walnuts as well as other nuts like almonds, peanuts, pecans and hazelnuts can protect the eyes and improve vision related problems.

5. Avocado

The avocado fruit is known to be great for the eyes.


•    This fruit contains lutien which prevents the macular degeneration of the eyes
•    The lutien compound even prevents cataracts and age related disease from coming on
•    Other nutrients contained in avocado are vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin B6, beta carotene which help to ensure good eyesight
•    The stress and damage that lead to poor vision is reduced by the intake of this fruit
One can add it to salads, sandwiches, and soups or have it by themselves. This fruit has many beneficial properties for general health.


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