Tapioca Tuber Vadai Recipes

tapioca tuber

Tapioca is a tropical root vegetable that can be used along with potatoes, carrots, radishes and other tubers. Tapioca is also used in flour, which is a variety of pastry needed in kitchens around the globe. Dry Tapioca flour can also be bring from grocery stores. Detection fresh roots of Tapioca plants is some what impossible because they tend to putrefy very fast.Tapioca is not only for vegetable its having number of healthy and beauty.Tapioca tuber is used as number of recipe.
Now we will introduced tapioca tuber vadai. it is giving wonderful taste.

Need Ingredients

1.Tapioca Tuber

2.Rice powder



5.Green leave



1.Remove skin of the tapioca.

2.After milling the tapioca,then add the rice flour also chilly,onion,green leaves and salt.

3.Add all the ingredients in a bowel and mixed

4.In the pan, put the grate,finally delicious tapioca vadai is get ready.

During raining season for good snacks. it is easy to prepare for homemade.

tapioca tuber vada


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