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How to Get Naturally Skin Glowing using for ubtan

Ubtan is a basically face pack recipe for natural healthy and glowing skin that has been passed down the generation. Turmeric, as we be familiar with, will fade out blemishes and give the skin also natural glow. 1. Grind the lentils, rice, and almonds either singly. 2. To this powdered mixture, put the oatmeal and turmeric powder. 3. Blend well ...

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Mascara Remover using of Vaseline


Vaseline can use to remove your eye makeup and also the stubborn mascara, as we know that the water proof and advanced mascara formula’s these days makes it not easy to remove.Use a spooly or old mascara wand to coat Vaseline lightly to your eyelashes.You can also use a que tip to remove the excess mascara.

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Natural Tips to Get Healthy And Pink Lips


Your lips can darken because of everything from little blood circulation and strain to excessive smoking, the effect is not permanent. Also, bear in mind that without appropriate and reliable lip care your lips won’t stay pink. How to get pink lips naturally. Moisturized for glossier lips Did you know that your lips also have a small amount of sebum? ...

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Lip Color Change Tips


If your lip color is getting dark use lemon juice added in milk cream and apply it on lips. The apple seeds  can also be applied on the lips for the same purpose. Massage your lips with glycerin daily basis.

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Simple Ideas for Making Lip Balm


We mix one table spoon of coconut butter and coconut oil in two tea spoon of honey and one tea spoon of cocoa oil. Create a mixture and place it in refrigerator to freeze it. It acts as edible lip balm for soft and polished lips and skin.

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Easy Tips to Remove Mehendi in Your Hand


I love Mehendi  give me a high five if you are in love with Mehendi too. A beautiful Mehendi design is not less than a beautiful sight to our eyes. We take all the efforts to make our Mehendi look darker and stay longer. But once your Mehendi starts fading, it is not less than a disease. Usually it takes ...

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5 Steps to Look Beautiful in 5 Minutes


A tight schedule, stress and a sleep deficit can all leave Mum feeling (and looking) less than fabulous. We can fix that! All you need is 5 minutes and this beauty on the go tips. An eye shadow palette (you only need two shades) is a must. Sweep the nude shade over your whole lid and the brow bone. Take ...

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Using Almond Paste To Get Fair Skin


Take the almond powder and mix the milk ,then apply your face wait  after 20 minutes  and face wash with cold water.Apply your face almond paste daily basis 1 to 2 month sure you will get fair skin.

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Excellent Different Style Mehendi Design for Women

Indian Mehendi Design

Ethnic herb that is widely used in significant occasions like weddings and religious ceremonies is Mehendi. This Ayurvedic herb has been used in medicines from thousand of year to cure more skin and health infections. The antioxidants those are current in mehendi assistance in curing hair, skin and health breakdown. it is usually quite accustomed to seeing showy and complicated ...

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