Skin Tag Removal Ideas at Home


Skin tags are exactly known as achrochordon, they are harmless growths on the skin surface that look like tiny flaps of skin. Even though non-cancerous and benign in nature, they can affect the physical appearance and self-esteem of a person if they appear on the face or other exposed parts of the body like arms and legs. Skin tags constitute of nerve cells, fibers, and fat cells .Skin tags commonly show on body parts that have crease on the skin like eyelids, underarms, neck, chest, breasts and the groin.

Skin tags are common both men and women, and they occur generally during midlife, after the age of 55. It is believed that rubbing or friction created by skin rubbing against skin causes skin tags. People suffering from obesity or those who are overweight also have skin tags most probably because there are more skin folds in their bodies.

Skin Tag Removal at Home

Fig Stem Juice


Figs are one of the trendiest fruits with a delicious and refreshing taste, enjoyed by people all around the world. The juice extract from a fig stem is one of the most efficient home remedies for skin tag removal. The acidic nature of fig stem juice helps in correcting the alkaline-acid stability of the skin and removes skin tags by decayed the cells and tissues which make up the tags.

Take a few fig stems and crush them in order to extract the juice. Apply this juice directly on the skin tags. Repeat this treatment 4 to 5 times every day for 2 to 5 weeks to get rid of skin tags.

Banana Peel


Most of us ignore this humble fruit because of its high-calorie content, but bananas are actually loaded with health benefiting minerals, and the same can be said for banana peels. Banana peel is a potent source of essential minerals like potassium which helps in treat and removing skin tags, moles and warts.

Place the inside of a piece of banana peel over the skin tag and fix it with a bandage. Keep it like this overnight and remove the bandage the next morning. Repeat this nightly ritual daily till the skin tag is gone. It naturally takes 8 to 10 days for the skin tag to fall off.

Use these efficient remedies for skin tag removal at home and get smooth and flawless skin naturally.


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