Skin Care Tips Using for Vegetable Peels


Vegetable peel is a kitchen remedy that makes your face look beautiful and youthful. And it is so easy to achieve. Whether it is vegetable peels for skin care, peels for skin lightening and skin whitening, or vegetable peels for Whelk, advantages of vegetable peels are so diverse you will never ever want to dispose them.

After all, vegetable peels save you from buying expensive creams and help you extract the most out of veggies. You just need to be sure the vegetable peels are freshly sliced before you use them on your face. So here we go telling you about vegetable peels that are best skin nourishers.

1. Cucumber peel

cucumber peel

Cucumber slices are the heart of any meal. Apart from eating them, put cucumber slices on both your eyes. Not only do they help in fighting dark circles, they also reduce blemishes around the eyes.

2. Tomato peel

tomato peel

Tomato is a vegetable rich in antioxidants. It also helps in removing blemishes from your skin and uneven skin tone. Just apply tomato peels on your face regularly.

3. Potato peel


Adding potato in a dish is as popular as putting salt and turmeric. And so are potato slices for your skin. The Vitamin C in potato peels helps reduce eye puffiness and uproots the troubling acne from your face.

4. Lemon peel


Face bleaching creams can be harsh on skin, particularly dry and oily skin. Use lemon peel as a healthy alternative. It not only acts as peels for skin lightening but helps bleach your face to perfection and in the process removes tan too.

5. Carrot peel


Winters bring this wonderful veggie to our kitchen for that lovely gajar ka halwa. But it’s the carrot peel that works wonder in treating wrinkles. Put them on the wrinkle-affected area preferably twice a week in order to reduce them.

6. Beetroot peel


If you want to get rosy cheeks, massage beetroot peel on your face for that super blushing look.
So the next time, make use of the leftovers of vegetable peels and walk around in a beautiful, confident and glowing way.


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