Recipes Of Coconut Biryani

Coconut Biryani

coconut only grows in tropical regions of the world,now widely distributed in the American consumer market. unique coupling of fatty acids can have intensive positive effects on health,this includes number of benefits like skin,hair,health also beauty ,we are known mostly usage of coconut  in the kitchen,now we are going to see how doing prepare coconut biryani.

Needed Ingredients

1.Coconut -1

2.Rice-1 glass

3.Oil-as you needed

4.Ghee-2 tbp

5.Onion-6 to 7

6.Tomato-5 to 6

7.Chilly-8 to 9

8.Cinnamon,clove-as required

9.Ginger,garlic paste-as you needed

10.Green leaves,coriander leaves,


1.Take the coconut piece and grind till became a paste and keep will taken coconut milk.

2.Put the oil ,ghee and add cinnamon,clove ,chilly also add chopped onion and salt,wait until onion will brownish color.

3.After add the tomato and ginger,garlic paste also add green and coriander leaves,then wait until become a paste.

4.Finally add 2 glass of rice and 4 glass of coconut milk,and then wait until  2 cooker vissel.

5.Delicious coconut biryani ready ,hope it is very useful for you please try it.


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