Nursing Mothers Medicare Natural Emulsion Tips

We will introduce natural emulsion for nursing mothers. it is healthy food and easy to homemade .They are eat natural emulsion. Definitely will increase nursing mothers the secretion

It is very help to giving milk for babies. So every nursing mother should be eating for natural emulsion and save babies. How to prepare natural emulsion tips they follow as simple steps


Thorns conch leaf, Catrunai leaf, Gas Leaf or Mixed Farming Leaf, Vaada Loop Leaf, tar mind, brinjal, drumstick, garlic, Sault, Currant, chili powder, coriander powder and turmeric powder.


  1. First all of take leaf’s like thorns conch leaf, catrunai leaf, gas leaf or mixed farming leaf, vaada loop leaf and put moter and then get paste.
  2. Second add the paste and mix the tarmind water. Then add powder like coriander, chily, tumeric and Sault.
  3. And third one add the garlic vegetables like brinjal drumstick,
  4. Finally add the all ingredients and then leave to boil on the stove.

Delicious and green full natural emulsion is ready. Nursing mothers are you ready to eat.


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