Natural Home Remedies Tips For jaundice


Jaundice is one of the common flaw liver. generally develops in babies,regularly shortly after birth. However it can affect adults also.An increase of the yellowish bile pigments, known as bilirubin, in the blood. Bilirubin is preparation of the body natural process of breaking down and eliminating old and damaged red blood cells.It can be various type of jaundice and the reason of infection, definite drugs also or on the basis condition such as blood flaw,gallstones,pancreatic cancer, pregnancy, hepatitis,alcoholic liver disease etc.There are number of symptom of jaundice like as yellowish skin,eyes,tongue and urine and other symptoms of itching,weight loss,headache,appetite,fever,vomiting,abdominal pain and pale colored stools.Below mentioned the powerful natural tips of jaundice.

Needed Ingredients,

1.Phyllanthus Niruri

2.Goat milk

3.Cow milk

Phyllanthus Niruri Paste

1.Take the Phyllanthus Niruri plant and grind till come soft paste.

2.In a bowel keep mixing the goat and cow milk or normal milk.

3.Finally wake up early morning and drink an empty stomach continuously 2 to 3 days and permanently relive the jaundice.

Needed Ingredients,

1. Phyllanthus Niruri


Phyllanthus Niruri Juice

1. Phyllanthus Niruri plant in 3 glass of water Leave overnight.

2.Next day morning filtering the juice in a glass and drink an empty stomach.

3.Finally drink 2 to 3 days then will certainly relive the jaundice.

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