Nail Art Design Tips of Feet


Nail Arts are not only a fashion rather they are a great way to make your own style statement. If you are tired with the use of the simple nail paints, it is the time when you should try out something new and special. Having distinctive nail art designs on your feet can add to your overall seem and can be a good way to make your feet look really beautiful.

Multi colored nail art design:


This multi colored floral nail art design for feet has a distinctive thing about it. It uses three colors and the flowers have been accentuated with golden borders that no doubt add to the overall look of the design. The similar colors have been used in the design overall, but none of the designs have been frequent on the same feet or on the same finger of the other feet which has given this nail art a altered and exclusive look. So, if you have been planning to have something different on your feet, try out this.

Patterned nail art design:


This type of arts looks stylish and can be ideal for women of any age. Here two different base colors have been used for all the nails and the design have been made with black only. In few cases the use of the golden shade to fill the geometrical patterns drawn on the nails with black has given the design a total new dimension. If you are looking for a nail art design that look natural and can be ideal to have even without any particular occasions, this design can be a good.

The officials nail art design:


Here a shaded checker board model with black and ash has been done on the bigger toe nails and the nails just before the little one. A cute golden bow model has been made at the base of the nail of the large toe to give it that dissimilar look. The other fingers of each of the feet have been painted with a sweet peach color which complements the look without making it over the top.


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