Millet Kuzhi Paniyaram

Millets Kuzhi Paniyaram

Some healthy benefits of millets rescue your heart health, rescue yourself from diabetes, improve your digestive level and reduce the cancer, detoxify the body, promote respiratory health, optimize your immune system, amplify your energy levels, and reform your muscle and nerve health. Millets including very high B-Vitamin content,calcium,iron,potassium,zinc,magnesium also same time you will get bonus benefits of greens ,it is easy to prepare of Millets kuzhi Paniyaram,we will tell how to prepare of Millets.

Kuzhi Paniyaram Needed Ingredients



3.Pani Varagu-1/2


5.Black gram dhal-3/4

6.Green Chilly-As Needed

7.Chopped Onion-1/2

8.Chopped Greens-As required

9.Soaked bengal gram-1 tsp

10.Musterd Seeds-1/2 tees

11.Oil-As Needed

12.Salt-As Needed


1.Take all the millet and grind till come soft a flour.

2.After put oil add musterd seeds ,green chilly,chopped onion and chopped greens and then add little bit salt.

3.Then add the fried green chilly and chopped onion and chopped greens inside the the flour.

4.Finally add the soaked bengal gram the flour and prepare millets kuzhi paniyaram. it is very useful for you.


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