How to Reduce Waist Flesh

How to Reduce Waist Flesh

Most of the people suffered as waist flesh and tried more expensive treatment and also do it lot of exercise but do not get best satisfied,You don’t worry guys, i will said how to reduce waist flesh using home remedies its easily available your kitchen,no need to pay cost or exercise.Now we are going to see how to prepare home made legiyam.

Needed Ingredients :

Small onion – As per you need

Palm sugar – As per you need

Cow ghee  – As per you need

Procedure :

*In stove put pan add cow ghee then add small onion and fry 10 to 15 minutes and grind became  thick paste.

*Again add cow ghee and put inside the pan small onion paste and fry again 15 minutes add some palm sugar.

*Finally homemade legiyam is ready and also eat 1 tsp of legiyam morning ,night, it follow this remedy continuously for 41 days after you will get magic on you waist flesh.


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