How to Get Bright Skin

How to Get Bright Skin

Banana contains moisture, potassium and A ,C and E  any appreciate clearing bright skin. Honey is naturally antibacterial also its great for acne treatment and helps to create bright skin for naturally. cucumber most important for skin benefit, it helps to skin tanning, treat for pimples and pores and so on, lemon contains citric acid and vitamin C,so that help to skin lighten and give glowing skin.turmeric powder serves to cleaning the skin bringing a long lasting common against bright skin, its amazing benefits for your skin. Using above mention the home remedy also get bright skin.

A reader asking how to get bright skin, the climate was changed so that totally damaged my face is too dull, because last week I went my home town,

I need your help how to get bright skin using home remedies, coming week my relation function will attend the function.

Don’t worry reader about your skin will tell immediate solution and get bright skin, let me see how to get bright skin using home remedy for your kitchen things.

Needed Ingredients:

Banana – 1/2

Cucumber – 1/2

Honey – 1/2 tsp

Lemon – 1

Turmeric powder – 1/2 tsp


* Banana and cucumber to grind become a paste

*Then add honey and lemon

*Finally add half spoon turmeric powder and mix well

*Apply your face and wait 15 minutes after face wash and get bright skin

Reader now goes to attending the function and enjoy well, using this remedy not only reader who are suffer the dull skin also try it .thank you.


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