Health Benefits Of Eating Oats


Oats belongs to a powerful food, it is one source of high energy that can keep your stomach filled for long hours. It is a complete supplement as it tastes good and possess high values of nutrition. Oats are beneficial for those as well who put a sharp eye on their weight. A high source of fibre, you can experiment with plenty of dishes. The health benefits of oats are documented in hundreds of documentaries and it simply exhibit a driving force to enlist these healthy oats in your grocery list. Consumption of food which is ideal for your health and boosts up with high energies is always a better option. It is also said that oats are a useful grain for both cattle and man.

Low calorie food:

Oats are low in calories and high in energies. A cup of oats is with 130 calories. It is an healthier option to achieve a fully filled stomach for long hours such that you will not crave every now and then.

Stabilizes blood sugar:

Oats are high fiber grains with high protein. The high fiber content and complex carbohydrates slow down the conversion of this whole grain food to simple sugars. The high levels of magnesium nourish the body’s proper use of glucose and insulin secretion.

Heart disease and Cancer:

Oats do contain plant lignans, which are converted into mammalian lignans by intestinal flora. A lignan, called enterolactone, is useful for protecting against breast and other hormone- dependent cancers. It fights against several heart diseases as well.

Oats with fruits:

Honeyed peanut butter on apple sandwiches along with oats and raisins is a healthy but fun snack for children as well as adults. These ingredients can be easily put together and is suitable to adapt with any food allergies or preference of taste. If you are unable to try combos of oats and apple then do try Waldorf salad which contains steel-cut oats.

Raw oats:

There is a traditional Swiss cereal known as Muesli which is nothing but a mixture of rolled oats which is uncooked along with dried fruits and nuts. It can be bought from the market and it is so easy to make that you can just make it at home and add your own flavors in it. Just soak it in milk whole night so that it can be easily digested or you can just mix it before serving. You can also add fruit juice or add yogurt as a topping. Just choose what you want and make it every morning with different flavors.



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