Green Gram Kuzhi Paniyaram

Green Gram Paniyaram

We will eat natural food daily basis at least one time. It is good for health. Green gram in India would result nutritious food. The high amount of calcium and phosphorus, Protein, karpohaitiret and little iron. it includes are Fibre and minerals .mothers during pregnancy time should be eat boiled Green gram. Easy to digest. Nutrients reach directly to the child in the womb. Children and adolescents may recommend that the Green gram best nutritional food.

Children not like to eat originally pulses moss because there no sugar content. But it is health every children should be eat, so we will introduced green gram kuzhi paniyaram,i will said explain few steps of green gram kuzhi paniyaram.

Needed Ingredients,

Green Gram, Rice, Jaggery, Oil, Sault


  1. Take the water and soaking the rice also green gram within 4 to 5 hours.
  2. After put the grind to nice separate rice and green gram, then mix green gram and rice flour, also add Jaggery and salt.
  3. Finally take the paniyaram pan add oil and put the flour in pits, wait 5 to 8 minutes. Then green gram kuzhi paniyaram ready.

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