Essential Necessity Water for health


Water human body contains about 65 percent water. Water is next to oxygen in its vital importance to the body, one can live without food. For a longer time than one does without water. As a ready reckoned, a person’s requirement for water is equal to.

These calorie requirements. Water is got from the fluids people drink, solids they eat and from oxidation. Of energy yielding foods, water is absolutely necessary for digestion absorption regulating.

The body temperature for removing waste water for transporting nutrients and substances and for lubricating the joints Functions of water. Are as follows. The body water is of utmost importance and has various duties to perform.

It has to act as a solvent for the secretary and excretory products. It carries the nutritious elements. Of tissues and removes waste materials it is. A regulator of body temperature. Water is solvent for electrolytes it helps t o regulate the body temperature and also regulates the balance of the body and maintain a healthy equilibrium demotic pressure exerted by the so, uses dissolved in water, it acts as lubricant for the joints, Requirement as a rule.

A person should take enough water to excrete 1200 to 1500 milliliters of urine per day, so normal water intake is eight to ten glasses per day per person intake and output should be fairly constant, this is called water balance.

In adequate water would lead to decrease I. Urinary output put. The water equilibrium is on maintained by kidney, lungs and Cid base balance, water content in foods in leafy greens there is ninety percent. Or more moisture, fruits and vegetables contain plenty of water. Cereals and pulses contain eighty percent. Water fluids like milk have got 90″ percent water.

It is used as a cooking medium. Its nature and cost of supply are so low that it used as cooking medium it is a solvent for many food substances soups deals tea and coffee depend on the quantity of water.

That is mixed in it, water also dissolves color pigment, and it also acts as a puffing. Agent. In case of cakes, puffing of chapattis and poories too. Water affects the keeping quality of foods milk panner meat fish.

Fruits and vegetables can kept only for a short period. When water is lost continuously from the body as in severe vomiting diarrhea dehydration is caused.

Symptoms tongue becomes dry pinch testis done in the skin, decrease I plasma value reduces cardiac output and may lead to heart attack and failure.



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