Chayote Chutney Recipe

chayote chutney

Everyone knows that coconut,mint,coriander,tomato chutney ,but you don’t know chayote chutney, easy to prepare also add healthy dall of black gram therefore i will said some steps how to prepare chayote chutney .

Needed Ingredients

1.Chopped chayote

2.Black gram

3.Red chili




1.Take the black gram,red chili,roasting till brownish color.
2.Then chopped chayote also add garlic,ginger and to roasted 5 to 10 minutes.
3.To grind the black gram and red chili .
4.Then add roasted chayote,garlic,ginger and wait till come a paste.
5.Finally put the oil in pan and then add mustard seeds,also chayote chutney ready.


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