Amazing Ideas Avoid Lip infections

Lip infections usually are in the form of sores or abnormalities that are localized and form inside the mouth. These can arise due to a number of reasons. In most cases the mouth sores are ulcers and they are also known as canker sores or medically termed as aphthous stomatitis. These are usually shallow ulceration that are painful. They form in individuals who are susceptible to such infections at times of stress or due to weakened immunity system. There are certain medications which are known to cause canker sores.

Causes of Lip Infections

Lip infection can be several:

  • Due to viral infections such as those caused by the herpes virus. Such kinds of lip infection often lead to blisters as well as localized swelling. The main characteristic of such infections is that they are recurrent by nature and extremely contagious.
  • Deficiency of certain micro nutrients like folic acid, iron, and vitamin B12 could cause lip infections
  • Extreme cold could lead to lip infections
  • Allergic reaction to food or other kinds of chemicals
  • Sometimes lip infections could also be caused by fungal infections.

Symptoms of Lip Infections

The symptoms of lip infections, no matter what the cause, are similar:

  • The lips swell up in such cases. Either the swelling is localized or the whole lip might swell up, either the upper or the lower lip
  • When the lip infection is caused by the herpes simplex virus, the swelling is usually localized and could appear in different parts of the lips or a blisters on the lips, outer or inner part
  • Sometime the sores could be filled with fluids
  • Most of the blister like lip infections are painful and cause discomfort

Home Remedies For Of Lip Infections:

  1. Use of Coconut Oil

If infants are suffering from lip infection in the form of oral thrush, they can be provided relief by applying coconut oil onto swabs.

  • The application of the coconut oil can be applied on the nipple of the nursing mother
  • The coconut oil is known to contain caprylic acid which is known to destroy the Candida
  1. Use of Yogurt

Yogurt is beneficial for applying on the affected area because:

  • It is known to have healing and natural antiseptic properties
  • The useful bacteria is known to help combat the infection
  1. Reducing Sugar Intake

One needs to reduce the consumption of sugar as it aggravates the lip infection:

  • Sugar acts as food for fungus
  • It will be encouraged to persist and counter any other remedy that is being taken to remove the infection
  1. Using Castor Oil

One can use castor oil for treating lip infections in the following way:

  • One tablespoon of the oil can be taken in warm milk
  • It could also be used as a solution to be applied on the affected area
  1. Using Milk

While milk can be drunk for its many beneficial properties, it can also help the lip infections by:

  • The healing power of milk can be applied directly on the affected area
  • It helps to control inflammations and reduce infections
  1. Including Useful Herbs

There are herbs that are known to counter lip infections that are caused by fungus:

  • Blood root
  • Golden seal paste

Both these two herbs are known to contain berberine. It is a compound that is naturally occurring. It is known to be effective towards countering fungal infections.

  1. Increase Intake of Fluid

It is necessary to increase the intake of healthy fluids especially water.

  • It will help to flush out the toxins from the system
  • The above effect helps to counter and control infections from going out of hand
  1. Increase Intake of Vitamin C

One should eat food that is rich in vitamin C.

  • Such food items are citrus based fruits
  • Many vegetables are known to be rich in micronutrients

Such food items will help to fortify the immune system.

  1. Avoid Biting the Lips

When one suffers from skin infection, they often feel itchy and are tempted to bite the affected area:

  • If the affected area is bit then the blisters get exaggerated
  • The blisters should not be burst as that can increase the chances of infection further
  1. Using Turmeric Paste

Turmeric is known to be a useful kitchen ingredient which has skin healing properties.

  • Turmeric past applied on the affected area helps to counter the inflammation
  • It is known to effectively work on the bacterial infections
  1. Avoid Spicy Food

One should not consume spicy food. That leads to:

  • The affected skin burns even more
  • It could aggravate the boil or the infected area

When one intakes spicy food then the affected area tingles. The affected area may be a site of fungal, parasitic or bacterial infection. That would increase or aggravate the infection even more.

  1. Smoking Tobacco

If you are prone to blisters or cold sores, you need to avoid:

  • Smoking
  • Usage of tobacco products

Indeed, it is know that, the infections which cause cold sores are aggravated when one consumed tobacco containing substances like cigarette smoke and other related products. Such substances are harmful for health and can lead to oral cancer as well.


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