Amazing Benefits of Rose Water


Rose water has a number of beneficial qualities which makes it a skin care product.It is used in making many cosmetic products. Rose water can be prepared at home or bought from the market. It can be easily prepared at home by putting fresh rose petals in a jar of distilled water and placing it in the sun for two to three weeks. Another faster method is to heat rose petals in distilled water and simmer for a long time or until the water is reduced to half. Cool and strain the petals.

Rose Water

Come lets prepare our very own rose toner with the simple rose flowers that can used in the normal and special days. The mild astringent property of rose helps in cleansing and smoothing the skin and it even increases the tone of skin texture. Follow the steps to make rose water toner.

Uses of Rose Water for the Skin

Toner for the oily skin on its own or by adding aloe Vera gel or honey in it. It will hydrate the skin and also help in reducing acne.It acts as a moisturizer for dry skin… Glycerin or olive oil can be added to regain the lost moisture of the skin.Face pack made by using rose water provides a soothing and cool experience by hydrating the skin.Rose water is a perfect make-up remover.

Benefits of rose water used as a Toner

Sensitive skin – Rose water helps in soothing red, inflamed and sensitive skin. Sensitive skin cannot tolerate all cosmetic products but rose water can be safely used as a toner, cleanser and moisturizer. There are very rare chances of any side effects occurring from the use of rose water on the skin.

Sunburn – Rose water is a great in reducing the burning and redness associated with sunburn because of the anti-inflammatory properties in it.

Ageing – Rose water helps in repairing the damaged skin caused by the rays of the sun, pollution and harmful chemicals from cosmetic products.

Dryness – Rose water can be used on its own to hydrate the dry skin. It becomes more effective in removing dryness when used with glycerin or olive oil.

Pimples – Rose water controls the occurrence of pimples by stopping the growth of bacteria. It helps to remove the excess oil from the face, hydrate the skin without clogging the pores.
The fragrance of rose water helps in lowering the blood pressure and reducing stress and anxiety.

Rose Water Mask

A rose water mask can be prepared to relieve signs of tiredness from the eyes. It helps in removing dark circles below the eyes. Soak fresh rose petals in rose water for some time. Press a bunch of these petals on each eye for 20 minutes. This compress will relax the body and relieve fatigue.


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