5 Steps to Prepare for Garlic Gravy Tips

Garlic gravy is a Healthy and hygienic food. Healthy food avoids some diseases. Our old people said food was drug. Those ways garlic is the splendid medicine for natural .One of the top and widely known used for garlic as it aid kill viruses and bacteria.

This is primarily a benefit for women because garlic can amplify their estrogen levels and help strengthen their bones. Garlic one of the robust cancer fighting agents in the world.

Some people apply garlic oil to their skin or nails to treat fungal infections, warts, and corns. It is also applied to the skin for hair loss and thrush. So that compulsory eat weekly once and save the life.

Following the steps, how to make garlic gravy,


Need ingredient, roasted garlic skin, pepper and fried chili, coriander powder, coconut, garlic, Tamarind and vegetables.

  1. Now we are going to start the cooking, first of all take coconut and roasted garlic skin moreover pepper next added the mixer after also take paste.
  2. After put oil add fenugreek seeds and then fry the onion, tomato and vegetables.
  3. Then add the spicy items like, chili and coriander powder and add little bit turmeric powder, also tamarind, water, salt.
  4. Finally add coconut paste. Then 10 to 15 minutes will get ready garlic gravy.
  5. Finishing touch add one or two spoon add gingili oil. wow fantastic taste shall we move to eat.

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