5 Different State Style Tips and Charming Bridal Make Up For Women

Wedding is a special moment for life time long event. When you see the photo album are you feel it is not suit for me exactly why, we at have created 10 unique looks, designed source team of respond. Those understanding the various skin tones of brides from different states. Every look comes from thinking out with the preferred style of the state, taking into account weather conditions. Besides these any kind of bridal looks, every effort is made to develop a customized look that correctly matches the expectation of the blushing bride-to-be. Wedding dress and make up is very important and also culture most important

Rajasthan Bridal MakeUp

Rajasthan Bridal Make Up

Rajasthan brides looking like Indian looks. Wedding is a wonderful special moments lives of people where two people decide to share love, dedicated, and their life with each other. Smoky eye makeup is a beautiful type of wedding.

Black mascara, dark eye liner and a dark eye shadow are used to highlight an attractive look. In a typical Rajasthan wedding try to titivate the event with attractive lozenge choli with a glory of makeup.

Punjabi Bridal MakeUp

Punjabi Bridal Make Up

Punjabi weddings are a funny entirety affair, amongst most other Indian weddings. They are all about Appetizer food, dances, music and many nights of funny. Bright colors and the many bridal fashion trends are also an extremely important part of Punjabi weddings!

Wealthy and spectacular look, the eyes are made up in bright shiny like Rubik red, mahogany with lots of gold and bronze swanky. The lips have a dash of lacquer with abundant of gloss. The hair is made up in an elegant French knot with lots of fresh flowers such as red roses, orchid or jasmine that will be customized to match the tone of the style

Bengali Bridal MakeUp

Bengali Bridal Make Up

We are known Bengali weddings quiet .peaceful and serene nature. Bright and bold colors, Glitters are a big yes when it comes to dress up a Bengali bride. Bengali women are bestowed with very watchful features and these aspects are very well rising as Bengalis are very artistic by nature.

Foundation should be applied in dots in a around motion. You can use rose water in order to mixture the foundation of the skin. Eye makeup should be handled carefully to give sparkling look to the eye. Thick eye liner should be applied. Wing it externally has to give it artistic look.

Tamil Bridal MakeUp

tamil Bridal Make Up

Tamilnadu wedding should be followed very traditional. Tamilnadu is a ancient with various cultures and rich traditional. The lifestyle and wedding styles followed by all the cultures are different. We all know the Tamil community’s hopes in simple living which is very well mirrored in the wedding rituals they follow.

Tamil wedding are commonly wears a bright color sari with sari border. As well as use bridal make up like to medium and thick eye liner should be applied, mascara two borders of curling must be applied, watercolor should be chosen of eye brows. Then will get fantastic look.

Andhra Bridal MakeUp

telugu Bridal Make Up

Wedding in Andhra Pradesh metros is getting impact of the modern concepts. They impact are more in the sections of the relations and clothes that invite maximum digestion from other cultures. Although, the hallowed rituals and traditions have remained buoyancy as ever as the religious people of this state are very much emotion about the same. They make sure all of such customs when the wedding of their loved one. Let’s find out the traditional and category elements of the Telugu marriage.

Brides red and gold will always be popular. Bold red for the lips will good look, attractive colors for eyes browns and blocks, and should be use thick eye liner, then two coat medium mascara.it is giving amazing and rich look.


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