5 Beautiful Tips Home Remedies Face Pack of All Skin Types For Summer Season

Summer season is too hot. More take care of your skin. You tend to lose the sparkle and the skin freshness. The hot weather generates plenty of problems for the skin, like tanning, oiliness, open pores, initial ageing of pigmentation. However want to go salon, that time can you make so many best face pack at home with easier get ingredients.maintan your healthy and fresh in summer season.

Papaya and Honey

We are already known papaya is number one natural home remedies treatment. Papaya fruit s another gift of Mexicans to this world. Papaya major benefit of wait loss, scare, cholesterol, digestion, skin care eyes, etc.vitamin c one of the strong points of papaya. other vitamin include 30 % of the daily value in vitamin A, required for healthy skin.Taste and thirsty fruit is a best source of antioxidants, flavonoids, pantothenicc acid, vitamin B and minerals like this potassium and magnesium that has great benefits for the skin.


Papaya is best for rejuvenating the skin. which aid to get rid of old and dead skin cells,will giving way to new fresh cells. Lemon exfoliates and tones the skin, while honey moisturizes and soothes the skin.

Will you Needed,

Papaya – peeled and seeded

Honey-1/2 tsp

How to prepare it

Peeled the papaya in a mixer up it becomes a crisp paste. Now add the honey and mix decently. then apply the clean face and wait for 15 minutes after rinse the water.

Tulsi and Neem

Every one known tulsi and neem familiar natural medicine.tulsi has no endless value. It is common plant in Indian household .Tulsi benefits are many and people also source leaves usually to harvest this benefits. Tulsi leaves more again fork and refreshment the body of a person.


Neem leaf, also known as powerful ingredient in many Ayurveda medicines. Neem on the other hand fights the pimple causing bacteria and keeps the skin free of acne and pimples. Lactic acid in curd aids to cleanse the skin and eliminate the layer of coetaneous dirt and dead skin cells from the skin surface.

Will you Needed,

Tulsi leave-10


Curd-1 Tsb

How to prepare it

Tulsi and neem leaves in mortar and add some water to it make smooth paste. Now add 1 Tsb curd and mix properly then apply your face wait for 15 minutes after rinse the water.

Carrot and Honey

All are the know benefit of carrot for decreasing weight loss, and also potential ingredient for skin care.carrot having vitamin C and k  really beneficial for healthy skin.it is perfect face pack for summer season of the all skin types and easy make it. Natural antibacterial properties of honey stop acne and pimples. Carrot face pack hepls to reduce wringless.it also provinding enough amount of vitamin A.


Will you Needed,

2-New and Fresh Carrot

1/2-tsb Honey

How to prepare it.

Grind the carrot paste.then add the 1tsb honey and apply your face then 15 minutes later, you could wash it with cold water for fantastic results.

Green Gram Flour and Rose Water

Green Gram is a highly powered beauty ingredient.it is not having serval healthy benefit.it removes the dead skin cells and brightens up the structure of the skin.green gram one of the amazing natural ingredients you can use on your face in the summer season.further green gram also aids to keep your skin always cool.


Will you Needed,

Green Gram Flour-2 tsp

Rose water -1 tsp

How to prepare it.

Green gram flour and mix rose water properly. Then apply your face after 15 to 20 minutes rinse with cold water. They will get amazing result.

Cucumber and Tomato

We are known tomato one of the most common vegetables in the kitchen Sightseeing the world, even through barely know its beauty benefit. The antioxidant lycopene current in tomatoes acts as a natural sunscreen also soothes the skin against sunburn. Cucumber is nice skin in summers. Cucmber face pack suits all skin types. Cucumber juice and pulp act as potential natural remedy for update the color by removing pigmentation, splatters and the wounds. It actions like a landscape remedy for decreasing and also works in lightening dark circles Sightseeing eyes.


 Will you Needed,

Tomato-1 small

Cucumber-1/2 peeled

How to prepare it.

Tomato to shape crisp paste and grate ½ cucumbers and mix with the tomato paste. Apply your face after 20 minutes later you can wash with rinse water. Then see your face is you get smart look.


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