10 Attractive Nail Art Idea for Girls

Nail art ideas ten rec of has caught the dement amid most women and young girls. Nail Art Designs come in burden of transition and pattern that everyone, from a  school girl, college students , home-maker and  working women can effort them to add variety and style to their nails.

Everyone can try these fingernail designs. Let’s look at a few nail ideas for you.

Creative Nail Art


It is usually the main advertence is on progressive the ring finger. The same idea has been activated here as well. Draw a zebra style on the ring finger nail and keep the other fingernails relatively potty by adding just a single polka speck.

Monsoon Manicure


Breed trendy this monsoon with a red lacquer on your French tips and white rigid chips at the groundwork.

Feather Nail Art


You can try this excellent burgundy manicure. Burgundy color in itself is so beautiful you can concoct more interesting by drawing feathers atop it in black nail paint.

Swirled Nail Art

Swirled Nail Art

To remind of an ice-cold blue, peach color, and cherry combo Slur pie, this wavy nail art is so exhaustive for warm weather.

Pink Manicure


Pink manicure is exhaustive for an evening out. Jewel up your manicure with silver rhinestones and try to add consectary to the design by using a glittery purple shade. You can also attempt any shade that matches your dress.

Mix N Match Nail Art


Nail art is one of the fantastic arts. Try various colors, illogical colors or matching with your dress colors. You can also go with neon shades if you want some serious diligence seizure.

Pointed Nail Art


Pointed nail art pops out well on acrylic nails. Use a groundwork coat on your nails. Once it dries, use multiple shades and distraction it a bit with the help of seaweed. It also gives you temptation of rainbow. Apply a over coat o seal it.

Bridal Nail Art

Bridal Nail Art

You can try this during bridal Black French nail, an impressing with beautification of the bridal.

Glitter Nail Art

Gilter Nail Art

Concoct a foundation coat and then use glitter nail polish on the tips or near the epidermis.

Navy and Gold Colors Nail Art

Navy And Gold Colors Nail Art

It is easy coat nail design, Navy and gold, sexy to the amid peoples.



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